Max Bramwell

Entrepreneur | Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Consultant

I’m an Entrepreneur, running and involved¬†in a number of ecommerce businesses.

Having run businesses online for over 10 years, I’ve an extensive knowledge of how to get users/customers to your business, convert them, keep them happy and get them to return.

I also take on a select number of clients on a consultancy basis with on ecommerce and digital marketing with a heavy focus on SEO and social media.



All aspects

Having developed several ecommerce websites from idea to full functioning business with paying customers I have hands on experience with search engine optimisation, conversion rate optimisation, customer service, product page design as well as PR, PPC, social media and more.


Search Engine Optimisation

Having spent years learning and implementing SEO on numerous sites I’ve the skills to help increase the traffic coming to your site from search engines like Google. With factors and techniques constantly evolving it’s something that many claim to be able to do but many can’t. I’ve implemented techniques on all my own personal sites to great effect and I can use this to help your business grow.

Social Media

Instagram, Facebook and so on

I’ve grown brand new social media profiles to ten’s of thousands of active, relevant and engaging fans and followers in months, I’ve helped brands go from 0 fans and engagement to driving hundreds of thousands of visitors to websites.