Early years

I feel I’ve always had a entrepreneurial streak in my at some point in my life and I suppose it could be seen when I was young, setting up an additional table at a car boot sale next to my mother’s and selling my Pokemon cards and various other items (I ended up bringing in more money than her)
I first started selling and buying small items on eBay trying to make a profit and I did but it was pennies and pounds, I then fell into starting my own website and putting adverts to deals and offers from companies through affiliate marketing I was able to make a commission if someone purchased something through me. I then moved into mobile phone deals as this proved lucrative (£40-£100 per contract bought through me), I dabbled in paid advertising known as  PPC (pay per click, mainly Google Adwords) and ended up finding a profitable campaign and swiftly went through my bank account and max’d out a credit card, you see Google took payments for the PPC costs every 4 days, where as the payments from affiliate networks paid about 50 days later. Turned into a scary moment realising I had £3k debt on a credit card and if the merchant didn’t pay me I’d be in a bad situation! Luckily it turned out fine and I made a healthy profit..


From this I did more PPC, built some nice websites and did this throughout school, sixth form and University. I then worked on sites full time for a year, building sites in various sectors and selling a few on. I succesfully sold a site in an area for a nice £xx,xxx sum from an initial investment of a few £x,xxx.

I followed this year by a 6 month travelling trip through 8 countries in South East Asia which was incredible. (I highly recommend you go travelling in your life at least once, I’m planning more trips)


I run a number of successful ecommerce websites as well as being involved in an amazing startup (TasteCocktails), I do a little freelance work mainly in SEO/Digital Marketing and also still dabble in domain sales.